Start up services;






Financial advisory services;


Consultancy services;


Other services.







Set up services 

Set up of a company;

Offshore advice;

Initiation and development of a business;

Organisation and bookkeeping advice;

Elaborating and implementing procedures and company internal policies.


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Financial accounting;

Bookkeeping work in accordance with the client’s specific requests and with Romanian law;

Conversion of accounts into UK/US GAAP and International Accounting Standards;

Preparing  Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow in compliance with International Standards;

Preparing the Romanian Balance Sheet, Tax Statements and  Fiscal Records;

Preparing the income and expenditure budget;

Analyzing bookkeeping reports;

Accounting examination by order of judiciary institutes or required by individuals, in accordance with the law.


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Verification of monthly, quarterly and yearly reports;

Examining  all accounts and their content;

Verification of the return of income;

Evaluating shareholder value according to the relevant laws and regulations;

Examining and reporting on the annual accounts of the company;

Checking the operations that result in modification of social capital;

Verification of net profit and the legality of its treatment;

Examining loan status against guarantees.


The audit can be:

Financial external audit, that is carried out based on the information given in the annual financial statements. An ‘audit’ report is produced to express our opinion on the integrity of the balance sheet and profit and loss account.


Financial and operational ‘internal’ audit at client’s request


The audit is carried out in accordance with International Auditing Standards and with Romanian legislation.


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Financial advisory services

Analysis of  the financial and legal environment for new projects;

Exchange transactions;

Formation and legal employment of provisions; 

Debts – terms and manner of prescription.


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Tax advisory services;

Risks and benefits that may occur during your investment in Romania;

Double taxation advice;

Income tax for foreign residents in Romania;

Profits tax;

Value added tax;

Payroll tax;

Income tax;

Keeping  the client informed about the legislation changes as well as about taxation methods;

Assisting the client during authority enquiries.


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Other services

Offshore services;

Feasibility studies;

Assistance with meeting accounting standards demanded for EU grant applications;

Evaluation of shareholder funds;

Assets revaluation;

Analysis of the information systems and of documentation circulation;

Obtaining residence permits for foreign citizens.


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